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Car towing services for cars and trucks in Anniston and Talladega, AL

Twin Creeks Towing provides superior heavy duty and automotive towing services in the Anniston, Oxford, Muford, Talladega, Lincoln, and Pell City, AL area. Our experienced team is trained to handle your vehicle with care. Take a look at the photos to get an idea of the broad variety of trucks we have at our disposal and read through our testimonials and rest assured we are the no.1 car towing company in the region. Our goal is to see the satisfaction on our customers’ faces!

Read what our customers have to say about Twin Creeks Towing

"The week after Christmas my Wife and I and our two boys ages 2 and 5 were traveling from our home in GA to my see my family in TN. I was going to see my folks for the last time before I deployed to Afghanistan after the first of the year. As we traveled west bound on I-20 our car broke down just passed exit 173. Thanks to my smart phone I was able to lookup the nearest towing company which happened to be Twin Creeks Towing. Roy, the driver that picked us up, was absolutely wonderful. He took us straight to a rental car company. While I was taking care of the rental agreement he was loading up all of our luggage and presents into the rental car. The driver was so kind that we decided to let Twin Creeks make the repairs to our car. The next day, after we arrived in TN, Jeff Johnson called and told me the severity of my cars condition and that it would take a good while to fix. Not ten minutes prior to his call I was contacted by my military unit and informed that I would be leaving 4 days sooner than I had thought. Hearing of my shrunken schedule, the good folks at Twin Creeks worked long hours to ensure that my family would have my car back before I deployed. Thanks to Twin Creeks Towing I was able to spend my last few days at home, playing with my kids instead of worrying about my car. I pray I never break down like that again, but if I do, I hope it is near Talladega, Alabama." – Steve Griggs

"It is our personal and professional pleasure to write this testimonial for Twin Creeks Towing, who we would highly recommend to anyone needing towing and/or mechanical expertise while on-the-road. Our vehicle broke down at Talladega on I-20 westbound. We were not members of AAA but they referred us to Twin Creeks Towing. One call to Jeff reassured us that we had contacted the right company. He sent Johnny to pick us up – in a storm, mind you. We had two large dogs and a travel trailer but that was no problem for them! With a fast diagnosis and repair, we arrived back in Missouri and on time for work the next morning. A+++++++ rating from us, Jeff and crew! Also, let us add Debbie as she went well out-of-the way to be sure we were comfortable. Kind and professional folks!!!!" – Allan and Diana H.

"I am a frequent traveler of interstate I-20 on going back and forth from Birmingham to Atlanta. Recently my truck broke down in between Anniston and Pell City at about midnight; I was so lost and did not know who to phone. So I googled wrecker services in the area, many came up but something told me to call Twin Creeks and I was so glad that I did. They were very helpful, polite, and responded very quickly to my surprise. I was aware of the damages caused by my accident but they assisted in towing my vehicle to their shop as well as repairing the damages that were done. I assumed that I would be taken advantage of and the rates would be outrages but that was far from the truth. Their prices were reasonable and they went out of their way to make sure my vehicle and I were fine. I would recommend Twin Creeks Towing to anyone that needs it or who is ever just passing through and needs vehicle assistance. I thank them very much for their honesty and efforts. Couldn’t have asked for much more in my situation." – Matthew R.
"I am a fairly seasoned road traveler. Unfortunately I broke down on the way to Atlanta the day of the Iron Bowl 2011, and that's when the entire state of Alabama shuts down. Be that as it may I thought I’d never get help during this perennial jubilee. Wrong! Twin Creeks Towing came to my aid in a timely matter and had me rolling toward recovery. However, my dilemma was not resolved. Nothing was open for business that afternoon. (No surprise to me) But, the kindness and willingness to help me from the Tow truck driver was unbelievable. He suggested I allow the owner of the tow truck, which also had a garage and mechanic that could possibly help my stranded situation. Low and behold, I truly felt this to be a God send. The owner Jeff Johnson welcomed me with open arms and kindness. To be 125 miles from home (Tuscaloosa, Al,) this gesture of kindness was overwhelming to me. Needless to say Jeff and his staff repaired my vehicle at a very reasonable fee. He also was extremely kind and patient while I paid him for his services. I thank God for bringing me in touch with such a wonderful and kind man. If you are ever on interstate 20 east or westbound and you have an automobile mishap or breakdown by all means contact Mr. Jeff Johnson at Twin Creeks Towing. Thanks again for all you did. God bless!" – Leon W.

"Beyond Excellent. Fast service, friendly people, good and very fair price. I am posting this review in multiple places because I am so pleased with them: My 1998 Dodge Durango broke down while I was towing a large U-haul trailer. The water pump seized and it threw the serpentine belt. I lost power steering and the car began overheating in a matter of seconds. I yanked the key and coasted to the side of the road where I was stranded. After dealing with my inept insurance agent s roadside assistance people to find someone capable of towing my SUV and U-haul together, Twin Creeks showed up. They came with a brand new Freightliner flatbed truck. The driver quickly winched my truck up on top of the flatbed and hitched the U-haul up to the flatbed s hitch. Very friendly driver, he even stopped at a gas station and bought me a soda so I wouldn’t be thirsty while I waited for my truck to be fixed. I am a mechanical engineer, but I was totally at their mercy. They could have screwed me and charged whatever they wanted, but they were HONEST and FAIR. I also noticed the Jesus Fish on their company logo and on some pictures on the walls. They dropped my vehicle off at their simple garage on a gravel road behind their house (which at the split between 2 creeks). The tow truck driver called ahead and they went out of their way to call their mechanic back on duty after he had already left for the day. Two friendly, happy dogs greeted me as I arrived. Their mechanic was their waiting, quickly diagnosed the problem, and got to work. While he was removing the broken parts, a gentleman from a local autoparts store arrived with a new water pump and serpentine belt. They installed the parts and refilled the fluid that had bled out. While I waited, I watched the mechanic work and went fishing with their nice 10 year old son in one of the creeks who had come outside of the house. The dogs slept in the sunshine. From the time I had broken down to the time I was rolling again was less than 3 hours. I could have been made to wait all night or until the next day. They picked me up, ordered the parts, and repaired my car in less than 3 hours. Amazing. I will strongly consider driving 2 hours just to have work done on my car by these people. The total bill WITH the tow was about $295 - to put that in perspective, Firestone would have charged upwards of $500. GOOD SERVICE, GREAT PEOPLE, FAIR AND HONEST MECHANICAL WORK." – A.S.F.

"I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Jeff from Twin Creeks could not have been more helpful or generous. He went above and beyond to help a few college kids fix their trailer and get us back on the road. Jeff towed our trailer and then went to 5 different stores to find the right tire for the trailer before they all closed on a Sunday. He fixed it and had it ready for us to pick up on our trip back. Not to mention all for an EXTREMELY reasonable price. We couldn't thank him enough." – Paul

"With sincere gratitude for your kindness, your know-how, and efficiency. You got us back on the road as fast as you could-and we appreciate it! We have made it to Cullman, and are visiting with some relatives before we head up to Wisconsin." – Bert & Bev W

"I wanted to thank you for helping me turn a bad circumstance (two flat tires and bent wheels) into an enjoyable day! Your help was greatly appreciated, not only by me, but my mom and dad as well." – Christie A

"We have subscribed to Camping World Roadcare for over a year now, and recently, my family had the misfortune of needing roadside assistance. The call center was very courteous, and they dispatched Mr. Jeff Johnson of Twin Creeks Towing to assist us. Mr. Johnson arrived quickly, and determined that my assessment of the problem was incorrect. His ensuing actions are the subject of this letter. Mr. Johnson’s primary concern was getting my family back on the road safely. In this interest, he used his network of service professionals to assist in diagnosing the problem over the telephone! He then made a quick, temporary repair that allowed us to complete our trip safely. Mr. Johnson's professionalism and commitment to providing personal service are the very reason that my family and I belong to Camping World Roadcare. It is our hope that that Camping World Roadcare has a network of "Mr. Johnson's" stretching across the United States to provide a safety net should the need arise again for us or any other subscriber. I encourage you to move Twin Creeks Towing to the top of your list within their service area." – Chris M
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